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H64PRE Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology Transfer Project
(Last Updated:03 May 2017)

Year  17/18

Total Credits: 60

Level: Level 4

Target Students:  MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Entrepreneurship

Taught Semesters:

Full Year Assessed by end of Summer Vacation 


N14C10 Quality Management and Quality Techniques 
N14G01 Creative Problem Solving 
N14G02 Finance and Accounting 
N14G03 Marketing for Entrepreneurs 

Corequisites:  None.

Summary of Content:  The purpose of the Project is to provide you with the opportunity to undertake independent research into a topic appropriate to Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology Transfer. In undertaking the project, you should draw on and extend material presented in the course. The project has several aims, beyond reinforcing information and methodology presented in the taught modules. You will gain experience by:

  • addressing the challenges involved in developing the commercial potential of a scientific advance;
  • giving a PowerPoint presentation that describes some aspects of the work achieved
  • producing a written report in a style that would be useful, not only to the scientists involved in the field of your investigations, but also to potential investors. Full details can be found in the course handbook. A project supervisor and moderator will be allocated by the end of February in the academic year of study and an interim report will be required by mid-march. The Project will commence in June of the academic year of study, after the end of Examination period. The student should manage all aspects of the project, arranging meetings with the supervisors, as required. Private study time approx. 430 hours.

    Method and Frequency of Class:
    Specific Activities are not listed
    Further Activity Details:
    Specific Activities are not listed

    Method of Assessment: 

    Assessment TypeWeightRequirements
    Coursework 1 10 Interim Report 
    Coursework 2 80 Project Report 
    Presentation 1 10 Presentation 

    Dr A Williams

    Education Aims:  To enable students to understand the issues relating to the commercialization of research and to apply suitable methodology to assess and develop novel ideas into commercially viable concepts.

    Learning Outcomes:  

  • Demonstrate knowledge of business, patent and intellectual property law
  • Demonstrate ability to assess/develop the commercial potential of a scientific advance.

    Offering School:  Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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