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B74AC1 Developing Advanced Clinical Skills through Work-Based Learning (20 credits)
(Last Updated:03 May 2017)

Year  14/15

Total Credits: 20

Level: Level 4

Target Students:  UK registered health care professionals who meet the entry requirements contained in the supplementary regulations
  LBR Module

Taught Semesters:

Full Year Assessed by end of Designated Period 


B74AS1 History taking, physical examination and clinical decision making I 
B74AS2 History taking, physical examination and clinical decision making 2 

Corequisites:  None.

Summary of Content:  
1) Models of advanced practice
2) Reflection and advanced practice
3) Development of portfolio competencies and their achievement

Method and Frequency of Class:
Specific Activities are not listed
Further Activity Details:
During this module students develop a portfolio of clinical competencies in cooperation with their work-based supervisor and university supervisor. achievement. Students maintain a portfolio of evidence of learning.Taught classes, tutorials and independent study

Method of Assessment: 

Assessment TypeWeightRequirements
Coursework 1 Portfolio of evidence of achievement of clinical competencies including 40 cases as underpinning evidence (Pass/Fail) 
Assignment 50 Reflective essay - 3000 words 
Viva voce 50 Portfolio viva - examination of case management (approximately 1 hour). All units of assessment must be passed independently 

Mr M Foss
Mr F Coffey

Education Aims:  The module enables students to develop proficiency in the assessment and management of patients within their own specialty.

Learning Outcomes:  

A Knowledge and understanding

  • A1 Describe the normal anatomy and physiology of the body systems
  • A2 Describe common diseases and their clinical presentations
  • A3 Describe and take a systematic clinical history
  • A4 Describe and conduct a comprehensive physical examination
  • A5 Recognise and describe abnormal clinical signs following a comprehensive clinical assessment
  • A6 Describe the specific, clinical knowledge base required to advance practice within his/her specialist field
  • A7 Describe and use theoretical models that contribute to advancing practice
  • A8 Describe how research and audit contribute to advancing practice
  • B Intellectual Skills

  • B1 Critically evaluate information obtained from clinical assessments
  • B2 Explain how the findings of clinical assessment support clinical decision making
  • B3 Use a systematic and structured approach to reflect critically on learning and identify additional learning needs
  • B4 Systematically, evaluate and critically appraise research and other forms of evidence informing advanced clinical practice
  • B5 Synthesise knowledge gained through experiential learning and scholarly activities to evaluate his/her own practice
  • C Professional/Practical Skills

  • C1 Perform clinical assessments using a range of assessment methods including physical examination, history taking and ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests
  • C2 Monitor the effect of evidence-based therapeutic interventions including relevant treatments such as prescribing medication
  • C3 Apply a knowledge of epidemiological, demographic, social, political and professional trends to develop practices that are appropriate to patient and service need
  • C4 Apply new knowledge to their own practice in structured ways which are capable of evaluation
  • C5 Identify the qualities required for leadership in clinical practice
  • D Transferable/Key Skills

  • D1 Communicate effectively in writing and through oral present
  • D2 Use appropriate and effective information and communication technologies
  • D3 Effectively manage his/her time and work to deadlines
  • D4 Take responsibility when making decisions in complex and unpredictable situations
  • D5 Demonstrate the independent learning ability required for continuing professional development
  • D6 Evaluate his/her own professional development, develop personal, professional and educational learning objectives and develop a plan to meet these
  • Offering School:  Health Sciences

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