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C84F05 Forensic Organisational Psychology
(Last Updated:03 May 2017)

Year  17/18

Total Credits: 10

Level: Level 4

Target Students:  Doctorate in Forensic Psychology, MSc by Research in Criminological Psychology

Taught Semesters:

Spring Assessed by end of Spring Semester 

Prerequisites: None

Corequisites:  None.

Summary of Content:  The module provides an introduction to organisational psychology as applied to forensic settings. Its aims are threefold: (i) to enable students to understand organisations (forensic settings) as systems, (ii) to learn how to manage and sustain healthy working life, (iii) to consider any issue affecting their client groups from a multi-level, systems perspective. Included as topics are: work-related stress, traumatic stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, violence at work, discrimination and harassment, leadership, management, white collar crime, multi-agency working, ethics and professional codes of conduct, job search and selection procedures. The module assessment allows each student to develop, in individual discussions with the module convenor and in group presentations, an essay topic of their choice that lends itself to evidence-based, multi-level (individual, group, organisational, community, national) analysis, and that has clear relevance to the work of forensic psychologists.

Method and Frequency of Class:

ActivityNumber Of WeeksNumber of sessionsDuration of a session
Lecture 5 weeks1 per week6 hours
Lecture 5 weeks1 per week2 hours 30 mins

Activities may take place every teaching week of the Semester or only in specified weeks. It is usually specified above if an activity only takes place in some weeks of a Semester

Method of Assessment: 

Assessment TypeWeightRequirements
Coursework 1 100 3,000 word max essay 

Professor A Griffiths
Dr S Chou

Education Aims:  This module aims to promote an understanding of forensic settings as systems, and the issues involved in sustaining a career in a complex working environment. It aims to encourage students to think about any issues affecting their client groups with a systems perspective.

Learning Outcomes:  

An understanding of forensic settings as complex systems.

Awareness of approaches to preventing and managing work related stress and trauma.

An appreciation of the necessity of supervision and support at work, and multi-agency working.

An appreciation of job search and selection procedures for careers in forensic settings.

Preventing and managing violence in the workplace.

A knowledge of ethical and professional codes of conduct.

Offering School:  Medicine

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