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A34631 Project and Dissertation: Sports and Exercise Medicine
(Last Updated:06 September 2017)

Year  17/18

Total Credits: 60

Level: Level 4

Target Students:  MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine and MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Medicine students

Taught Semesters:

Full Year Assessed by end of Designated Period 

Prerequisites: Students must have passed A34621 before they will be allowed to proceed with their research project.

Corequisites:  None.

Summary of Content:  

This module is aimed at providing the skills needed for designing, undertaking and analysing data from the research project.

It will involve the student undertaking a research project on a topic relevant to Sports and Exercise Medicine. Suitable project topics will be proposed by members of the MSc teaching staff. Students are also free to make their own suggestions for projects, which may or may not be deemed acceptable. A project supervisor will be appointed for each project. This allocation is made at the start of the academic year and the student is then expected to work on the project throughout the year (the final year for part time students).

Internationalisation is central to this course. All students are able to suggest their own topics for research projects, which means overseas students have the option to collect data from their home countries if appropriate.

Method and Frequency of Class:

ActivityNumber Of WeeksNumber of sessionsDuration of a session
Lecture 1 weeks1 per week0 hours 30 mins
Tutorial 3 weeks1 per week3 hours

Activities may take place every teaching week of the Semester or only in specified weeks. It is usually specified above if an activity only takes place in some weeks of a Semester

Further Activity Details:

30 minute introductory lecture
3 x 3 hour student led tutorials;
10 x 1 hour supervisory meetings, plus other reasonable contact;
600 hours spent on development, implementation and writing up of research project

Method of Assessment: 

Assessment TypeWeightRequirements
Dissertation 100 10,000 - 12,000 words dissertation 

Professor E Wilson

Education Aims:  The aim is to enable students to undertake a high-quality research project at MSc level.