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G54FPP Foundations of Programming Mini-Project
(Last Updated:03 May 2017)

Year  12/13

Total Credits: 10

Level: Level 4

Target Students:  MSc and Part III undergraduate students in the School of Computer Science. Also available to Part II undergraduate students in the School of Computer Science subject to Part I performance. Also available to students from other Schools with the agreement of the module convenor.  Available to JYA/Erasmus students.

Taught Semesters:

Spring Assessed by end of Spring Semester 

Prerequisites: G54FOP must be taken concurrently.


G54FOP Mathematical Foundations of Programming 

Summary of Content:  

This module is part of the Foundations of Computer Science theme in the School of Computer Science.

The purpose of this module is to provide G54FOP students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the mathematical foundations of programming languages by studying a specific topic related to what is covered in G54FOP in depth. The topic is chosen from a list of proposed topics, or after discussion with the module convener. A report should be written on the chosen topic, and a presentation given on its central aspects.

Method and Frequency of Class:
Specific Activities are not listed
Further Activity Details:
Activities will mainly take place at the beginning of the semester, to cover practicalities, and towards the end of the semester for the presentation.

Method of Assessment: 

Report 60 10 page report 
Presentation 1 30 25 minute presentation 
Participation 10 participation in class discussions 

Dr H Nilsson

Education Aims:  To provide a sound basis in a range of topics in the foundations of programming languages, including aspects of recent and current research, by studying a particular subject in depth.

Learning Outcomes:  Knowledge and Understanding: a sound understanding of advanced topics in the foundations of programming Intellectual Skills: the ability to apply mathematical techniques to programming problems Professional Skills: the ability to summarise the contents of advanced technical material Transferrable Skills: the ability to present technical material effectively to a peer audience

Offering School:  Computer Science

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