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MM1DMS Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
(Last Updated:03 May 2017)

Year  13/14

Total Credits: 10

Level: Level 1

Target Students:  Primarily for 1st year students in the Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering.  Available to JYA/Erasmus students.

Taught Semesters:

Spring Assessed by end of Spring Semester 

Prerequisites: 'A' Level Mathematics or equivalent and some understanding of basic mechanics including forces, moments and equilibrium, as covered by module MM1MS1 Mechanics of Solids 1.

Corequisites:  None.

Summary of Content:  Topics covered include:

  • Linear and rotational motion: Displacement, velocity and acceleration
  • Relationship between angular and linear motion
  • Newton's Laws for linear & rotational motion
  • Linear and Angular Momentum, including conservation of momentum
  • Work, Energy & Power, including kinetic & potential energy
  • Geared systems
  • Drive systems, including tangential drives and vehicles
  • Load characteristics and steady-state characteristics
  • Flywheel design
  • Static and dynamic balancing

    Method and Frequency of Class:

    ActivityNumber Of WeeksNumber of sessionsDuration of a session
    Lecture 11 weeks2 per week1 hour
    Practical 11 weeks2 per week3 hours
    Tutorial 11 weeks1 per week1 hour

    Activities may take place every teaching week of the Semester or only in specified weeks. It is usually specified above if an activity only takes place in some weeks of a Semester

    Method of Assessment: 

    Assessment TypeWeightRequirements
    Exam 1 90 2 hour written exam 
    Coursework 1 10 Balancing 4% and Inertia 6% laboratory reports 

    Dr E Barney
    Dr D Chronopoulos

    Education Aims:  The aim of this module is to introduce students to fundamental concepts and principles of dynamics and their application to mechanical engineering systems.

    Learning Outcomes:  On successful completion of this module students will be able to:

  • LO1 Comprehend the fundamental concepts of dynamics (knowledge and comprehension)
  • LO2 Apply these concepts to simplified engineering scenarios (comprehension and application)
  • LO3 Recognise and construct an appropriate analysis technique to apply when presented with a simple engineering scenario in a dynamics context (comprehension, application, moving towards analysis)
  • LO4 Analyse the manner in which machines move and are powered by applying an understanding of basic dynamics and mechanical drives (comprehension, application, analysis)

    Offering School:  Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

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