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A34C12 Tumour Immunology (Oncology)
(Last Updated:03 May 2017)

Year  17/18

Total Credits: 10

Level: Level 4

Target Students:  Essential for MSc Oncology and MSc Cancer Immunology and Biotechnology students.

Taught Semesters:

Autumn Assessed by end of Autumn Semester 

Prerequisites: None.

Corequisites:  None.

Summary of Content:  

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  • Method and Frequency of Class:

    ActivityNumber Of WeeksNumber of sessionsDuration of a session
    Lecture 11 weeks1 per week2 hours

    Activities may take place every teaching week of the Semester or only in specified weeks. It is usually specified above if an activity only takes place in some weeks of a Semester

    Further Activity Details:
    One 2 hour lecture per week (16 hours).

    Method of Assessment: 

    Inclass Exam 1 (Written) 100 MCQ and short essay questions - 1 Hour 

    Dr I Spendlove

    Education Aims:  A series of specialist lectures will be provided on the interaction role of the immune system in cancer development and treatment. This will highlight the current immunological approaches to cancer therapy and cover the rationale for these treatments.

    Learning Outcomes:  This module will develop the students understanding of the immune system in relation to tumours and develop an understanding of how it can be used to develop novel therapies.

    Offering School:  Medicine

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