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A34RES Research Training
(Last Updated:03 May 2017)

Year  17/18

Total Credits: 60

Level: Level 4

Target Students:  MMedSci Assisted Reproduction Technology only There is a limited number of places on this module. Students are reminded that enrolments which are not agreed by the Offering School in advance may be cancelled without notice.

Taught Semesters:

Summer Assessed by end of Spring Semester 

Prerequisites: None

Corequisites:  None.

Summary of Content:  During the summer period each student will undertake a research project which will be presented for assessment at the end of the year as a written dissertation of no more than 10,000 words. A list of 'wet' and 'non-wet' lab based projects will be available for the students to choose from. Guidance, supervision and direction for these projects would be available from project supervisors. Project subjects should be within the courses primary specialities. Examples of the types of project that could be undertaken include:

Method and Frequency of Class:
Specific Activities are not listed
Further Activity Details:
Individual laboratory-based research or organising and analysing retrosective data will be supported by project supervisor and where necessary other technical staff. Supervisors should be prepared to meet students a minimum average of once per week during the project period. Total hours 600

Method of Assessment: 

Assessment TypeWeightRequirements
Dissertation 80 Dissertation of 8,000 -10,000 words 
Presentation 1 20 15 minute oral presentation, including answering questions 

Dr W Maalouf

Education Aims: